Featured product: TimberTech

Featured product: TimberTech

We’ve been getting a lot of questions TimberTech decking this year and it’s not hard to see why. Canadian winters can be hard on wood decks and TimberTech offers a high-quality alternative. TimberTech is synthetic decking that really is second to none. This top of the line product is exceptionally durable and comes with a 30-year Fade & Stain and 25-year limited warranties from the manufacturer.

We recommend this product to clients that want a long-term solution that’s the best of the best. Wood decks need to be repainted or re-stained every 4-6 years so an upfront investment in TimberTech eliminates that headache for a no hassle experience.

Contact one of our team members today to see if TimberTech is the right choice for you or check out the TimberTech website to read more about this product.

Featured product: Expocrete Holland

Featured product: Expocrete Holland


Want to get creative with a paver choice but don't want to blow the budget? Our featured product of the month is the Expocrete Holland paver collection. With an amazing 27 patterns, 2 textures and 8 colours to choose from this is an impressively versatile paver.

With spring being around the corner it's time to think about freshening up the mulch in those garden beds with a fresh layer. This is a cost effective way to give you home wow factor to start the season off right. An excellent combination would be a charcoal holland paver patio accented with a shredded cedar mulch bed with plantings.

Three common questions about business Christmas light displays

Three common questions about business Christmas light displays

We answer some of the most common questions we get about business Christmas light installations.

Beyond looking great, how can Christmas lights benefit my business?

Christmas lights may boost sales. As Chad Brooks of BusinessNewsDaily reports, when U.S. restaurant chain Golden Corral installed Christmas lights on a portion of it’s over 500 stores spanning 40 states, it saw a sales increase of 4 - 5 percent compared to stores that didn’t put up lights.

“Multicoloured lights seem to make more of a difference than white ones. In the program's test last year, the restaurants with multicoloured lights outperformed those that had hung only white lights.”

Further, Christmas lights are an important part of a great storefront display. An LED Christmas light display is a key component of creating “a fresh first impression” with customers. Christmas lights give your business a festive look without distracting from your product offerings.

When should I install my Christmas light display?

Mid-November is the perfect time to book your Christmas light display setup. As Candace Derickx writes on her blog Life in Pleasantville, a few days after Remembrance Day is an ideal time to start turning on your Christmas lights.

In fact, some people find is disrespectful to those who fought for our country to start celebrating Christmas any earlier than the 12th. However, if you wait any longer, you may miss out on some the commercial benefits of having a great lights display.

Is paying for a professional installation worth it or should I just put up my lights myself?

Professional Christmas light installations will certainly cost you a bit more, however, a professional installation offers some key advantages:

Peace of mind: A good installation company has fully insurance coverage in case anything goes wrong during the installation process. Without liability insurance and workers' compensation insurance, you could be headed for problems if there were ever an accident while putting up your lights.

Further, most companies can sell you lights directly and warranty any lights purchased through them. This means you’ll never have to worry about spending hours out in the cold trying to fix a defective set of lights.

Quality: No one want to look at a poorly set up Christmas light display and a good installation company will make sure you get a light setup you want to show your friends and family.

Information about Bowscapes’ residential and commercial Christmas light offerings is availible here.


Christmas light services

Christmas light services

Bowcapes offers quality Christmas light installation for great prices. We can look after all aspects of your lighting needs to make sure your home or business looks great this holiday season.

Bowscapes is fully insured and WCB covered.

We offer

  • Christmas light installation and takedown
  • Christmas light sales
  • Light display repairs and servicing

We can look after the entire set up from the purchase of your light display all the way through to take-down once the holiday season subsides. Any lights purchased from us come with a one-year warranty so long as the lights have been taken down between seasons. 

If you already have a light display you love, simply make sure they’re in good condition and good working order and we can install them for you. We can help with any trouble you may be having with your lights, just ask us about our call-out services.

We cater to strip malls industrial complexes and offer discount rates for large projects and flat roofs.

Contact us today to inquire about discount prices for flat roofs and volume.


The minimum charge for light installation is $220.00 and the minimum charge for light take down is $80.00.

The breakdown below gives an overview of our standard rates. Give us a call or send us an email to get your free estimate today!

C-9 (16.5ft 25 bulb) and Traditional (25ft 25 bulb) strands — every bulb clipped

  • First storey: $26.50 per strand setup, $9.28 per strand takedown
  • Second storey: $32.50 per strand setup, $11.38 per strand takedown
  • Thrid storey: $36.50 per strand setup, $ 12.78 per strand takedown

C-6 (24ft 70 bulbs) — clipped every 1.5ft

  • First storey: $24.00 per strand setup, $8.40 per strand takedown
  • Second storey: $32.50 per strand setup, $11.38 per strand takedown
  • Thrid storey: $37.00 per strand setup, $12.95 per strand takedown

C-6 bulbs can be clipped every bulb for an extra $55.00 per strand


  • First storey: $18.00 per strand setup, $8.40 per strand takedown
  • Second storey: $22.00 per strand setup, $11.38 per strand takedown
  • Thrid storey: $32.00 per strand setup, $11.20 per strand takedown


  • Under 20 ft tall: $16.50 per strand
  • Over 20 ft tall: $21.50 per strand

Other services

  • Light clips at $5.00 extra per strand
  • There is a $50.00 fee for out of town installations

We're only able to guarentee lights purchased from Bowscapes. Our rate to service non-Bowscapes purchased lights is $150.00/hour with a minimum of one hour.

Contact us to inquire about discount prices for flat roofs and volume.

Christmas Light Sales

We sell top quality lights and accessories:


  • Single colour

    • C-6 LED: 24 ft strands w 70 bulbs, $35.00 each
      Comes in warm white, blue, purple and clear white

    • C-9 LED: 16.5 ft stands w 25 bulbs, $35.00 each
      Comes in warm white, blue, and clear white

  • Multi colour

    • C-6 LED: 24 ft stands w 70 bulbs, $30.00 strand

    • C-9 LED: 16.5 ft strands w 25 bulbs, $30.00 each

  • Traditional style bulbs25 ft strands w 25 bulbs, $27.00 each

  • Icicles: 10 ft strands, $37.50 each


  • Light timers: $35.00 each

  • Extension cords: 10ft to 60 ft available, prices range from $12.50 – $55.00